Biggest Shareholder Value Creation Opportunity For
Global 2000
Companies Today

In Silicon Valley, $1B+ digital companies are called "unicorns" because they are mythically rare.
But, it is exponentially harder for
Global 2000 companies to build $1B+ digital businesses which
do more than cannibalize sales
it requires re-imagining the customer experience for the digital
Even more difficult for the Global 2000, is to then unlock that digital value for shareholders.

of shareholder value has been created in the digital revolution over two decades.
98% was created by dozens of entrepreneurs taking
unicorns public, and then growing them.
Only 2% was created by the
Global 2000 despite strong brands, customer relationships and
balance sheets built over decades.

Creating relevant customer experiences that lead to building
unicorns—is today's singe biggest
shareholder value creation opportunity for
Global 2000 market leaders.  
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